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Your First Visit

Let's Make a Plan

What to Expect

Every visit to Moon Rabbit is a welcoming, calming experience. Our space is comfortable and soothing, and we want you to be able to relax from the moment you step through our door.


Your first trip here will be a blend of treatment and interview. We want to get to know you - it's important that we see where you are at physically and mentally, and that we understand where you want to be. 


Our Approach

Moon Rabbit supports your body, mind, and spirit. We're here to help you decrease tension, find alignment, and improve your health and well being.

The Intake

It all starts with you. What are your issues? What's your history? What do you want to change or improve? We'll use this chat (and others!) to inform our work and approach.

The Treatment

We'll use a range of Chinese therapies to create a customized treatment for you. Sessions vary, but we try to address both your pressing needs and underlying issues.

The Plan

You will leave your first visit with a clear path forward. Our thoughtful practitioners will offer insights, and provide realistic assessments of how we can help you live better.

Ready to Feel Your Best?

Take a step towards wellness and balance. Restoring and soothing, our therapeutic approach to bodywork can be used to treat everything from injury to infertility.
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